We believe that sandwich making is an art form, that's why we use the best local farm fresh ingredients to create a perfectly delicious sandwich where all the components are balanced together. Our bread will be fresh baked, all of our veggies will be local, and our spreads will be homemade.  All added to delicious local meats and cheeses to create the best sandwich you have ever eaten.  

Our Outstanding Service!

The guest is the most important person to us.  Although we will be a small specialty sandwich shop, our customer service will be exceptional.  Our most important priority is YOU!  We want you to feel welcomed and we want our food to warm your heart.  We commit to always give our guests impeccable service every time by demonstrating graciousness, efficiency, knowledge, warmth, and pride in our work. We promise you will always leave satisfied.

Why Local?

The importance of local food is of great significance.  Local food is tastier, healthier, and has less of an impact on the environment.  Buying local reduces the carbon foot print due to less need for travel and temperature controlled storage (fuel) and packaging (foreign substances). Preserving local farms preserves open spaces and keeps communities intact. Communities are stronger through local economies, keeping the money in the community.  In buying local we will always try our best to provide you with the freshest produce and the healthiest meat. After all this will make every sandwich taste so much better.