Hello everyone!  We at Slop Shoppe are in the process of trying to get our name recognized, so this summer we will be seen at all the local Mystic, CT events, i.e, farmers markets, festivals, fairs and parades!

We would very much appreciate any donations made to our sandwich shop.  Every penny we collect from our fans will go towards creating an extremely cool sandwich shop.   

We would also like to show our appreciation with a gift.....a $50 donation will get you a key chain with our logo on it, a $100 donation will get a special sandwich named after you, and $200 or more gets you a really cool t-shirt.  Help us make our dream come true!


With your donation we will be able to secure a space in Mystic, CT, selling the best tasting sandwiches around.  Mystic needs us, don't hesitate!



See the sandwich bellow?  You could be eating it very soon.


To find out exactly what local events we will be selling our sandwiches at this summer please check out our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages bellow, or shoot us an email and we'll send you an update.